TEF25  USB Input/Output Module
The TEF25 USB Preamp combines the portability of a small USB Preamp with the accuracy of the traditional TEF20 analyzer, in an affordable package. The TEF25 comes with the SoundLab SLUPG1 Software Upgrade that lets you run all previously owned TEF20 programs: TDS, MLS, RTA, PEQ, PLR and SLX. Run the older Versions or step up to new Version 6 modules! Available in Version 6 is the new Post Processing Module, SLPPS60. Also included is the TEF Training Class 3-DVD Set that contains the topics from the TEF Level I class.
* The TEF products measure, certify and calibrate; Loudspeaker fase, STI measurements, CIS measurements, PI measurements, Microphone polar diagrams, Loudspeaker polar diagrams, Waterfalls, Acoustic measurement, Real time, MLS, FST, RTA, THD, RT60, Reverberation time, Reverberation patterns, Fase measurement, Dosimeter, Alcon, Concert halls, Theatres, Public sound systems and so on.

The ultimate in sound analysis
Today's sound professionals demand technology that is accurate and affordable. Sound Lab TDS software from TEF Products, is the Time Delay Spectrometry software that enables you to perform faster, simpler sound measurements on your PC. You can create printouts and incorporate results into presentations to clients.
Time Delay Spectrometry, "TDS", is the most widely used TEF Program. TDS is now available as a Windows based application which runs in all of the current Windows programs - 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT and XP. Based on modern 32 bit code, it is easy to use and combines modern Windows functions with a look and feel that is still recognizable to current TEF users.
Fine-tune your capabilities
A long list of measurement capabilities means you can use Sound Lab TDS software to analyze a room and solve many acoustic problems. With Sound Lab TDS, you can identify and treat reflections, measure the frequency response of any given reflection, and perform equalizations by using the frequency response.
Sound Lab TDS simplifies aligning clusters and setting delay lines-both easily accomplished through data gained by the TEF. Comprehensive room analysis capabilities include measurements for reverberation, which can be obtained even in the presence of high ambient noise. Sound Lab TDS can also calculate speech intelligibility including %ALCONS, RASTI and STI. Other displays include the Nyquist (phase versus magnitude) and a 100-curve 3D waterfall. The ability to output pink noise, white noise and sine wave signals is included, eliminating the need to carry extra equipment.

New functions include a Pass/Fail Mode, an auto polarity test, easily modified user tests for standardized tests, and modern graphics support. Additionally, as a Windows based program it is possible to have multiple measurements tiled on the screen, and to move between them on a live basis.

l Portable Dual Channel Analyzer.
l USB / DC Powered.
l Extremely Low Noise Floor.
l Post Processing of TDS and MLS.
l Accurate Phase Measurements.
l Utilizes Existing TEF Software.
l Set Reference Levels
l Measure Real Time Analysis
l Measure Reflections
l Measure Frequency Response
l Predict Optimal EQ
l McSquared Modal Calculator
l MK8C Professional Cardioid Microphone
l TEF04 Professional Omnidirectional Microphone
l TEF04P Calibration Microphone
l SLTDS60 Sound Lab (TDS) Original TEF Program
l SLPPS60 Post Processing software 6.6.3
l SLX60B Sound Lab Extras Advanced TDS for TEF25 USB
l SLMLS60 Sound Lab MLS. Similar to TDS6.0
l SLPEQ60 Sound Lab PEQ TDS analysis
l SLRTA60 Sound Lab RTA.Real Time Spectral Analysis Software
l SLNLA60 Sound Lab NLA Noise Level Analysis Software
l Talkbox STI-PA Test Tone Generator
Parameter: Specifications: Comments:
A/D 24 Bit - 48kHz to 192kHz Selectable
D/A 24 Bit - 48kHz to 192kHz Selectable
DSP 75mHz 75 MIPS
Frequency Response 6Hz to 90kHz 1dB
Signal to Noise > 114dB Unity Gain, ref +4dBV, 1kHz
THD + Noise < 0.1 +4dBu 1kHz
Noise Floor -130dBV  
Dynamic Range > 114dB  
Gain 60dB Selectable Stages, 1dB steps
Channels 2 Analog Input, Output
External Power** 12vdc @ 500mA 2.1mm jack - sleeve positive
USB 2.0 Compliant  
XLR Active Balanced/20k Ohms Pin 2 Hot, Per AES Standards
TRS Active Balanced/20k Ohms Tip+, Ring-, Shield (20dB Pad)
XLR +4 dBV Max Level
TRS +24 dBV Max Level


XLR Active Balanced / < 100 Ohms/Leg Servo Balanced
+24vDC   Without External Power
+48vDC   With External Power
On / Off   Software Selectable
Case Extruded Aluminum Black Finish
Panels Aluminum Black Finish
Size / Weight 6.75"(W)x 5.25"(L)x 2.25"(H) 2 lbs.
Approvals:                 CE, RoHS and WEEE
**In normal usage, no external power is required, other than connection to the USB port on a Computer.
Drivers are currently for use with TEF measurement Software.