SLPEQ60 Precision Equalization software
The SLPEQ60 is a software a program to use with the TEF analyzer and a parametric equalizer. Sound Lab PEQ provides a simultaneous display of the unequalized sound system frequency response, the inverse of the equalizer electrical response and the equalized response in the room. With PrecisionEQ, the sound engineer can equalize a sound system to a high degree of accuracy in much less time than with traditional equalization techniques. With the incredible accuracy you can quickly and accurately equalize a sound system, accomplishing in a matter of minutes what may have taken hours with real time analysis. Using the precision equalizer, you match the response of the inverse equalizer curve to the unequalized curve of the system. This results in a much flatter equalized curve. The SLPEQ60 software allows you to view the precision adjustments capable with a parametric equalizer. The result is superior performance of the sound system. Can only be used with TEF systems and TEF kits.
l Measurement/Display
l Auto repeat
l Pause time
l Auto receive delay
l Selectable colors
l Data storage
l Menu driven
l Function keys
l Configuration files
l TEF requirements
l Printers supported
l Computer system requirements