SLMLS60 Maximum Length Sequence software
The SLMLS60  is a TEF software module for production line testing of microphones. This TDS based software was developed to test microphone or capsule prototypes under development and also to test production microphones to see whether they meet tolerances for sensitivity, frequency response, and off-axis attenuation. "Mictest" gives Manufacturers and consultants the tools to define and implement standards in an ordinary room without the cost of a conventional anechoic chamber, or costly vibration isolated rooms. Can only be used with TEF systems and TEF kits.

Maximum Length Sequence measurements
Now you can get TDS technology and TEF performance, along with the ability to do Maximum-Length Sequence measurements (MLS) in one analyzer. Sound Lab MLS software enables you to obtain an impulse response containing the entire audio frequency range over the measured time range. You can post process the data off-site to see information you didn't even think about when you performed the measurement. Imagine being able to analyze a comprehensive set of measurement data out of a single measurement.
l Test types
l Test types (with pass/fail window option)
l Test sequence
l Primary features
l Modes of operation
l Pass/fail limits
l Operator mode-main menu commands
SLMLS60 Package Contents:
l Microphone Test software and manual