Features SLMLS60 Maximum Length Sequence software
Test types:
- Time Test (ETC)
- Frequency Test (TDS)
- Frequency Test (TDS)
Test types (with pass/fail window option):
- On-axis frequency response
- Off-axis frequency response
- Sensitivity
- Off-axis attentuation
Test sequence:
A specific production sequence can contain from one to 30 lines of screen text, buzz tests and remote triggering along with the above test types in any order or combination.
Primary features:
- Operator or engineer mode
- View detail of each measurement
- Smoothing of data and pass/fail limits
- Tracking by serial number information
- Output can be ported to screen, disk or printer
- Statistical information on each model or batch
- Password protection for Engineer mode
- Multiple methods of establishing pass/fail limits
Modes of operation:
Operator mode: This mode is used by an operator performing routine automated testing. Options available in Operator mode are limited to those designed into the test by the engineer.
Engineer mode: This mode is used by quality assurance and engineering personnel who design and supervise the individual measurements and tests that make up overall product testing.
Pass/fail limits:
Pass/fail limits can be created in various ways:
- Setting an envelope in a specified range above and below a referenced microphone
- Statistical analysis of the measurements of a batch of microphones
- Using the cursor to draw any arbitrary limits
Once a pass/fail limit is created, it can be modified manually by the use of a cursor.
Operator mode-main menu commands :
- Select test
- Do test
- Set delay
- Set amp level
- Graph display (on-off)
- Saved for future commands
- Statistics
- Keyboard/barcode input
- Stop test
- Quit
Selections 3, 4, 7 and 8 can be enabled or disabled at the option of the engineer.