SLPPS60 Post Processing software 6.6.3
The SLPPS60 is Soundlab software for the TEF25 analyzer. The post processing module allows flexibility in the TDS domain that was previously only available with MLS. A measurement is made by choosing the frequency range and length of the sweep. The choice of filter settings and receive delays may be left until later. This allows the possibility of looking at features that were not noticed at measurement time, with the full noise rejection capabilities of the TDS methodology. (Please note that TEF20 hardware is not supported by this module). In regards with power, Flexibility and Convenience, a rough Time measurement is displayed calculated for a convolution with the sweep to give a first look at the Time Domain. Full bandwidth long sweeps may be processed in small sections for band limited responses.
l With SLX installed, post processing also allows harmonic tracking to be calculated
l With TDS installed, RT60, %ALcons and STI/RaSTI may be calculated.
l Tests Performed
l Post Processing Multiple Display Options
l Overlays
l Difference Mode
l Smoothing of Data
l Data File Formats
l Configuration Files
l TEF Requirements
l Computer System Requirements