SLX60B Sound Lab Extras Advanced TDS for TEF25 USB
The SLX60B software is advanced TDS with the ability to measure impedance and many other features. The SLX60B hardware box  has XLR connectors that is primarily used with the TEF25. Now you can easily measure impedance, locate "rubs and buzzes" and track specific harmonics in loudspeaker measurements. In addition, SLX60B has the ability to display results with percent octave smoothing of data and can print overlaid files of a single test type. You can turn the TEF into a noise generator and choose pink noise, white noise or a pure sine wave tone. Designed to be used with a PC compatible computer, SLX60B software supports color printing on any installed printer. Can only be used with TEF systems and TEF kits.
l Harmonic Tracking
l Impedance (adapter cable included)
l FFT (amplitude versus frequency)
l Harmonic Distortion (specified harmonics)
l Total Harmonic Distortion
l Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise
l Tests performed
l Smoothing of data
l Frequency curve splicing
l Overlays
l Sound generator
l Difference mode
l Sensitivity cursor
l TEF requirements
l Computer system requirements