SLNLA60 Noise Level Analysis software
The SLNLA60  is the TEF  community noise measurement software that will gather data over time and accumulate statistical data.  This software will produce dosimeter logs. The growing concern about noise pollution makes Sound Lab NLA software an ideal companion for the TEF analyzer. NLA records, displays on a line graph, and provides statistical noise information for periods as short as 1 minute or as long as 24 hours. It is also useful when designing and installing sound systems in places like gymnasiums, where noise is the primary inhibitor to intelligibility. For gathering data during concerts and other performances, the effects of crowd noise during intermission may be removed with muting. Statistical information is reported for Leq, Ldn, Lden, Ln, Lmin and Lmax. Data is updated and displayed continuously during the measurement for Ln, Lmin and Lmax. Included with NLA for input weighting are A, B, C, and ISO octave-centered filters (62 Hz thru 8 kHz). Can only be used with TEF systems and TEF kits.
l Dual cursors
l Real-time bar graph of the sound pressure level
l On-screen status indicators
l Ability to start NLA anytime up to 24 hours in the future
l Measurement type
l Measurement duration
l Measurement control
l Statistical information
l Scaling
l Cursors
l Input weighting
l Calibration
l On screen status indicators
l Date format
l Selectable colors
l Data storage
l Configuration files
l TEF requirements
l Computer system requirements