EZTuneTH1 Home Theatre Measurement System
The EZTuneTH1 is an acoustic analyzer that combines features from several existing TEF programs, and then adds a layer of automation to speed up typical tasks. The EZTune package is used primarily by people who are doing Home Theaters or Studios.
EZTuneTH1 Features:
l Set Reference Levels.
l Measure Real Time Analysis.
l Measure Reflections.
l Measure Frequency Response
l Predict Optimal EQ.
l McSquared Modal Calculator.
EZTuneTH1 Package Contents:
l TEF25 Preamp
l TEF04 Microphone
l TEFCS Carry Case
l MKCA20 Audio Cable
l USB Cable - 6 foot USB/A - USB/B USB 2.0
l RCATHX - XLR/RCA Adapter
l EZTH1 - Software
l TK51 Audio Toolkit