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DSP30B Real Time Analyzer STI/CIS
The DSP30B is a Full Function Stand Alone Audio Spectrum Analyzers Measure Sound Level and Speech Intelligibility Index in CIS or STI formats when used with OPTion STICistm Software.
lPortable 30 channel digital 1/3 Octave Analyzer.
lDSP30B microphone measurement range is 27dB to 125dB.
lCaptures full 85dB window with scales from ¼ to 5dB.
lFilters exceed ANSI specs.
lComes with RS232 computer interface.
lAn 85dB window not limited by the display.
lAutomatic Sum & Average function to normalize readings and stabilize pink noise.
l60 active memories.
lIEC Flat, A, C or User designated curves.
lA Sum mode to sum and average response curves.
lA Subtract mode to subtract one memory from another.
lKeypad selectable filters: ANSI triple tuned or sharper for notching applications.
lScales from ¼dB to 5dB.
lMultiple plot function.
lExport file function.
DSP30B Package Contents:
lDSP30 Real Time Analyzer
lTEF04 instrument microphone
lComputer cable 9-pins male/female
lUSB Cable
lKeys (2 pcs.)
lOPTSTICis Speech Intelligibility Meter Software
lKeyboard functions DSP30
lCertification report for DSP30 and TEF04
lManual on CD
lRugged carrying case
lOPT106 1/6th Octave
lOPT112 1/12th Octave 27Hz/800Hz
lOPTDAS Distortion Analysis
lOPTDOSE Dosimeter Measurements
lOPTIMP Measures Impedance
lOPTNC Analyzes Noise Criteria Standards
lOPTRT6030 RT 60 mode for DSP30
lOPTSTA Speaker Timing Analysis
lTalkbox STI-PA Test Tone Generator
lAIF3 Cert cal DSP30 + Microphone SPL level
lAIF4 Cert cal Microphone graphic response DSP30
lAIF5 Certification calibration STI CIS PI DSP30
lAIF6 Certification calibration RT60 DSP30
Measurement Range:Microphone Input: 27dB to 125dB SPL
 Line input: -88dBu to +14dBu (.031mV to 3.88V rms)
 Measurement window: 85dB
Inputs:Microphone: Balanced, XLR 3 pin receptacle
 Line: Unbalanced ¼" phone jack. 15k ohm impedance.
Outputs:None (standard)
 Printer port: DB25F (optional)
 RS232 port: DB25M (optional), Standard on DSP30B/BP
Center Frequencies:ISO 1/3 octave between 25Hz - 20kHz.
Center Frequency Accuracy:Typically ±1%.
Relative Flatness Channel to Channel:1/4dB.
Displays:Audio Spectrum, 30 channel, 10 LEDs per channel, all channels scalable in ¼, ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5dB SPL.
 SPL & Reference readings are 3 digit via 7 segment LED readout.
Filters:ANSI standard (triple tuned) & sharper than standard for notching applications.
Weighting:IEC A, C, Flat or USER defined.
Decay Rate:Fast = 34.7dB/s, Medium = 8.7dB/s, Slow = 4.3dB/s
Function Control:16 button keypad
Power Requirements:
Batteries: Eight "AA" alkaline or nicad..External: 12Vdc @ 500mA via 2.1mm jack
Size (W x H x D):10" x 10 ¼" x 2 ½"
Weight:2 lbs.
Case Material:High Impact ABS.
Manual:NL, GB, FR
Approvals:CE, RoHS and WEEE
 Emissions: - EN 55022 B - FCC Class B
 Immunity: - EN 55024 B
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