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DSP30BP RTA TEF04 Mic/OPT Sticis/ Privacy Option
The DSP30BP is a Full Function Stand Alone Audio Spectrum Analyzers Measure Sound Level and Speech Intellegibility Index in CIS or STI formats when used with OPTion STICistm Software.
lPortable 30 channel digital 1/3 Octave Analyzer.
lDSP30BP microphone measurement range is 27dB to 125dB.
lCaptures full 85dB window with scales from ¼ to 5dB.
lFilters exceed ANSI specs.
lComes with RS232 computer interface.
lAn 85dB window not limited by the display.
lAutomatic Sum & Average function to normalize readings and stabilize pink noise.
l60 active memories.
lIEC Flat, A, C or User designated curves.
lA Sum mode to sum and average response curves.
lA Subtract mode to subtract one memory from another.
lKeypad selectable filters: ANSI triple tuned or sharper for notching applications.
lScales from ¼dB to 5dB.
lMultiple plot function.
lExport file function.
DSP30BP Package Contents:
lWith Intelligibility/Privacy Package - Model TEF04 instrument microphone, Serial port, OPTSTIcis tm CD, Rugged carrying case.
lOPT 106 1/6th Octave
lOPT112 1/12th Octave 27Hz/800Hz
lOPT DAS Distortion Analysis
lOPT DOSE Dosimeter Measurements
lOPT IMP Measures Impedance
lOPT NC Analyzes Noise Criteria Standards
lOPT RT6030 RT 60 mode for DSP30
lOPT STA Speaker Timing Analysis
lOPT STICis Speech Intelligibility Meter Software
lAIF3 Cert cal DSP30 + Microphone SPL level
lAIF4 Cert cal Microphone graphic response DSP30
lAIF5 Certification calibration STI CIS PI DSP30
lAIF6 Certification calibration RT60 DSP30
Measurement Range:Microphone Input: 27dB to 125dB SPL
 Line input: -88dBu to +14dBu (.031mV to 3.88V rms)
 Measurement window: 85dB
Inputs:Microphone: Balanced, XLR 3 pin receptacle
 Line: Unbalanced ¼" phone jack. 15k ohm impedance.
Outputs:None (standard)
 Printer port: DB25F (optional)
 RS232 port: DB25M (optional), Standard on DSP30B/BP
Center Frequencies:ISO 1/3 octave between 25Hz - 20kHz.
Center Frequency Accuracy:Typically ±1%.
Relative Flatness Channel to Channel:1/4dB.
Displays:Audio Spectrum, 30 channel, 10 LEDs per channel, all channels scalable in ¼, ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5dB SPL.
 SPL & Reference readings are 3 digit via 7 segment LED readout.
Filters:ANSI standard (triple tuned) & sharper than standard for notching applications.
Weighting:IEC A, C, Flat or USER defined.
Decay Rate:Fast = 34.7dB/s, Medium = 8.7dB/s, Slow = 4.3dB/s
Function Control:16 button keypad
Power Requirements:
Batteries: Eight "AA" alkaline or nicad..External: 12Vdc @ 500mA via 2.1mm jack
Size (W x H x D):10" x 10 ¼" x 2 ½"
Weight:2 lbs.
Case Material:High Impact ABS.
Manual:NL, GB, FR
Approvals:CE, RoHS and WEEE
 Emissions: - EN 55022 B - FCC Class B
 Immunity: - EN 55024 B
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