The TEF25Prokit combines the portability of a small USB Preamp with the accuracy of the traditional TEF20 analyzer, in an affordable package. The TEF25Prokit comes with the SoundLab SLUPG1 Software Upgrade that lets you run all previously owned TEF20 programs: TDS, MLS, RTA, PEQ, PLR and SLX. Run the older Versions or step up to new Version 6 modules! Available in Version 6 is the new Post Processing Module, SLPPS60. Also included is the TEF Training Class 3-DVD Set that contains the topics from the TEF Level I class.
* The TEF products measure, certify and calibrate; Loudspeaker fase, STI measurements, CIS measurements, PI measurements, Microphone polar diagrams, Loudspeaker polar diagrams, Waterfalls, Acoustic measurement, Real time, MLS, FST, RTA, THD, RT60, Reverberation time, Reverberation patterns, Fase measurement, Dosimeter, Alcon, Concert halls, Theatres, Public sound systems and so on.
TEF25ProKit Package Contents:
l TEF25 - USB Preamp
l TEF04 - Microphone
l TEFCS - Carry Case
l MKCA20 - Audio Cable
l USB Cable - 6 foot USB/A - USB/B USB 2.0
l SLUPG1 - Upgrade Software
l SLRTA60 - Sound Lab Software (supplied on CD-rom)
l SLTDS60 - Sound Lab Software (supplied on CD-rom)
l TEFDVD - TEF Soundlab Training 3 DVD set. The TEF Training Class condensed into 11 hours of class material. Contains the topics from the TEF Level I class. (supplied on DVD).
l TEF04P Calibration Microphone 123dB SPL
l MK8C Cardioid Microphone 123dB SPL
l SLPPS60 Post Processing software 6.6.3
l SLX60B Sound Lab Extras Advanced TDS for TEF25 USB
l SLMLS60 Sound Lab MLS. Similar to TDS6.0
l SLPEQ60 Sound Lab PEQ TDS analysis
l SLNLA60 Sound Lab NLA Noise Level Analysis Software