TEFDVD Training 3 DVD set

The TEF Soundlab Training 3 DVD set The TEF Training Class condensed into 11 hours of class material. Contains the topics from the TEF Level I class. The TEF Level I Training Program is now available on DVD. Filmed at the Oklahoma City class in 2002 with Blair McNair (Chairman of the TEF Board of Advisors).
Topics Include:
1.Understanding relationships between the three acoustical domains of Time, Energy & Frequency
2.The theory of Time Delay Spectrometry to make accurate acoustical measurements in low signal to noise environments. 3.Early vs. late energy decay
4.Making accurate measurements of phase.
5.Measuring frequency response of systems with multiple loudspeakers.
6.Aligning loudspeaker clusters.                                           7.Quantifying sound system intelligibility.
8.Measuring impedance.
9.Finding the direction of origin for a reflection.
10.Measuring the directivity of a loudspeaker or microphone.     11.Working with all TEF measurement methodologies including MLS, FFT and RTA.

The Level I Class is on 3 DVD disks and is indexed for reference through the 11 hours of materials. The filming and production was done by TEF owner, Jay Heitzmann of Accusound Productions, at the Ford Audio & Video Training Facility. Assistant instructors were Curt Taipale of TMS Consulting, Russ O'Toole of Teng Associates Consulting and Gregory Miller of the TEF Division of Gold Line. The class attendees included representatives from audio contracting, audio consulting, academia and audio manufacturers. If you own a TEF and want to learn how to use it, or are thinking about perhaps buying a TEF in the future, the DVD is a unique way to learn to think of audio from the Classic TEF Perspective.