STEST60 Loudspeaker Test (STEST) 6.6.3
The STEST60 is a TEF program for the Pass/Fail production line testing of loudspeakers. It is presently used by many manufacturers to apply the final production line test. This is one of the few programs that can be used on a noisy production line. The STEST60 is a software package designed exclusively for use with the TEF 20 analyzer for production on line speaker testing with high ambient noise rejection. Developed for use with a PC, Speaker Test software features a choice of engineer or operator mode.
l Test types
l Test types (with pass/fail window option)
l Test sequence
l Primary features
l Modes of operation
l Pass/fail limits
l Operator mode-main menu commands
l Bar code reader
l Overlays
l Difference mode
l External Trigger
l TEF requirements
l Printers supported
l Computer system requirements
STEST60 Package Content:
l Cable for impedance measurements Speaker Test Software and manual