MTEST60 Microphone Test (MTEST) 6.6.3
The MTEST60 is a TEF software module for production line testing of microphones and capsule prototypes under development and also to test production microphones to see whether they meet tolerances for sensitivity, frequency response, and off-axis attenuation. "Mictest" gives the tools to define and implement standards in an ordinary room without the cost of a conventional anechoic chamber, or costly vibration isolated rooms. The program has added many of the functions previously only available in Speaker Test, including customized envelopes for Pass/Fail production testing. Up to 3 separate envelopes are available to grade microphones based on the microphone response. For production test you create and save the production tolerances (envelopes) for a particular models frequency response, sensitivity, off axis attenuation and set up the production test sequence.

In the Test Sequence (Measurement Sequence) the computer will load frequency-response and sensitivity envelopes, run a TDS sweep, and show a prompt such as PASS, FAIL, or other user defined prompts.
l Test types
l Test types (with pass/fail window option)
l Test sequence
l Primary features
l Modes of operation
l Pass/fail limits
l Operator mode-main menu commands
l Bar code reader
l Overlays
l Difference mode
l External Trigger
l TEF requirements
l Printers supported
l Computer system requirements
MTEST60 Package Contents:
l Microphone Test software and manual