SLC2 SPL Meter Triggers a Relay No Auto Muting
The  SLC2 is a single rack space Sound Pressure Level meter with special triggering circuits. When monitored sound exceeds a specified level, a relay connected to a switched output is activated. The switched output can then activate connected ancillary equipment which can be used to notify the manager, light a light, ring a bell, or activate a compressor. It can even be used to activate a counter to determine how often sound exceeds the specified level. The choice of ancillary equipment is made by the installer to accommodate the particular situation. The SLC2 does not contain audio attentuation circuitry, only triggering circuitry.                   Triggering Circuit: This circuit will respond when the SLC2 monitors a sound which is over the user's specified level. A switched output control relay and an audio attenuation circuit will be triggered.                                                                  Switched Output Controls: The SLC2 provides a rear panel mounted terminal strip to which an installer can connect ancillary equipment suitable for the installation. This terminal strip becomes "active" when the switched output control relay is triggered. Connected equipment can range from a simple light bulb to a heavy duty solid state relay capable of handling multiple announcement devices.
l The Controls
Measurement Range: Microphone input: 47dB - 123dB SPL
Inputs: Microphone: XLR 3 pin jack. Pin (1) Ground, Pin (2) Hot, Pin (3) Neutral.
Outputs: Switched terminals: Fused 2 position terminal strip rated @ 1A, 125Vac.
Microphone: 600 ohm omnidriectional electret condenser. Model MK8. (Cable not included)
Display (SPL): 3 digit via 7 segment display.
Trigger Level: 60dB - 120dB typical
Response, Recovery Times: Inter-related, varies depending on level of signal vs. trigger level setting.
Weighting: IEC A, C and Flat.
Power: 12Vdc @ 500mA via 3.5mm jack (battery eliminator supplied).
Size (W x H x D): 19" x 1-3/4" x 8"
Weight: 3 lbs.
Case Material: Painted aluminum
Approvals: CE, RoHS and WEEE