Features TESTtone Test Signals

Track 1: Music - Piano (concert grand), Cymbals and Bells. Covers a lot of frequency range, from sustained low frequency notes to high frequency percussive. Very nice track and about 2 minutes long. The purpose of this track is to provide the user with a known piece of music, impeccably recorded, which will energize most of the spectrum. We recommend starting an evaluation by listening to music and voice before measuring, and we have kept this format for the disk.

Track 2: Speech - Dry, clear and about a minute long. The speaker's voice does not have much high frequency content, which makes it tougher to hear. REAL WORLD.
Track 3: 1 kHz Test Tone. Handy to have a 1kHz tone on a disk for any number of tests from looking at meters to just making sure a driver is driving
Track 4: 63 Hz Low Frequency band limited noise.
Track 5: 125 Hz Low frequency band limited noise.
Track 6: 6 kHz High Frequency band limited noise. Used very effectively in Level II TEF Class to isolate areas with strong reflections. Not PET but very useful.
Track 7: LFE Sweep - 20 Hz to 120 Hz slow sweep. Find rattles, LFE performance and LFE crossover.
Track 8: LFE/Mid Sweep - 20 Hz to 500 Hz slow sweep. Energize the modal region, crossovers, box interactions.
Track 9: Mid/Hi Sweep - 100 Hz to 5 kHz medium sweep. Primary speech range, crossovers. We did not do sweeps to higher frequencies, as there is the concern that damage could inadvertently be done to compression drivers, small dogs....etc.
Track 10: Broadband Pink Noise both channels. RTA, walk the comb filters.
Track 11: Broadband Pink Noise left channel
Track 12: Broadband Pink Noise right channel
Track 13: Gated Pink Noise, 10 seconds on and gate off. Energize the room and listen to it, or measure it, decay.
Track 14: Music. Repeat of Music from Track One