TEF04P Calibration Microphone 123dB SPL
The TEF04P(tm) is a omni directional, " diameter, electret condenser microphone suitable for General Purpose acoustical measurements and Pro Audio applications where a free field omni pattern is specified. The TEF04P provides levels of accuracy that meet the frequency response specifications while providing the ruggedness of a mylar diaphram for field use. The mic circuit has been designed to to operate on phantom voltages from the 12vDC utilized by many RTA's to the 48vDC provided by mixing consoles. The precision machined stainless steel body provides exacting dimensions suitable for use with Acoustic Calibrators. The TEF04 is standard equipment in the Gold Line's ProKIT Measurement Systems.
TEF04P Package Contents:
l TEFCS - TEF USB Preamp Carry Case. Rugged tech-weave material. Room for your analyzer, mic and more. Wind Screen
l Microphone holder
l CALTEF04P Certification calibration TEF04P
l MKCA20 - Microphone Cable
l EZ STAND - Compact microphone stand with microphone holder. 52" extended, 17" collapsed; 21 oz. Aluminum with silver matte finish.
Frequency Range: 20Hz to 15kHz dB
  15kHz to 20kHz 1dB
Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional
Open Circuit Sensitivity: 9.1mV / Pa
Impedance: 20 ohms
Maximum SPL: 123dB SPL
Output Connector: XLR 3 Pin male. Pin (1) ground, Pin (2) Hot, Pin (3) Neutral.
Power Requirement: 12 - 48V phantom
Size (L x Dia): 6" x 3/4" body, " capsule housing
Weight: 5oz
Material: Stainless Steel
Supplied With: Foam Padded Carry Case*, Mic Clip*, Wind Screen*, Frequency Plot and Serial Number.
  * When purchased as TEF04P (stand-alone microphone).
Approvals: CE, RoHS and WEEE