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APT2 Phase Polarity Tester

The Gold Line Polarity / Phase Analyzers utilize state of the art signal processing to accurately determine absolute polarity which is unimpaired by passive crossovers or signal waveform distortions produced by the device under test. The APT2 works on tweeters, mid-ranges, woofers, subwoofer speakers and cabinets, equalizers, amplifiers and crossovers. With this handy instrument an entire speaker system can be checked in only seconds. The Polarity/Phase Detector (APT) and Pulse Generator (PG) are supplied as separate units.

Inputs: PG - None
  APT - " Phone jack - auxiliary microphone input - impedance 20k ohms
Outputs: PG - " Phone jack - to drive loudspeaker directly - impedance 4 - 16 ohms
  ......- " Phone jack - to drive amplifier directly - impedance 50 ohms
  APT - None
APT Microphone: Built-in omnidirectional electret condenser.
Required Acoustic Level At APT: 70dBc to >110dBc
APT Display: Single LED for positive-going pulse polarity. 300ms ON duration.
  Single LED for negative-going pulse polarity. 300ms ON duration.
PG Display: Single LED positive-going pulse with 1s repetition rate.
PG Line Pulse Output: Amplitute: APT2 - 0.4V peak typical
  Rise time: <100 s.
  Fall time: 40ms typical
  Duty factor: 0.3% typical.
  Battery drain: 1.1mA average
PG Speaker Pulse Output: Amplitute: 6.5V peak (14 watts) to 4 ohm loudspeaker.
  Rise time: <100 s.
  Fall time: 1.5ms typical
  Duty factor: 0.15% typical.
  Battery drain: 3.2mA with 4 ohm loudspeaker.
Power Requirements: PG - 9V battery
  APT - 9V battery
Size (W x H x D): PG - 3" x 5" x 1-3/4"
  APT - 3" x 5" x 1-3/4"
Weight: PG - 7 oz.
  APT - 7 oz.
Case Material: High impact ABS
Manual: NL, GB, FR
Approvals: CE, RoHS and WEEE
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