ZM30 Impedance & Watt meter
The ZM30 is the instrument for PA 100/70 Volt line speaker systems and loudspeaker cabinets. Push the TEST button and measurement will be performed automatically. The complex impedance and the calculated Watts of the speaker and transformer will be displayed on the LCD screen in just a few of seconds. The integrated tone generator provides an audible sine sound that makes the line speaker systems and loudspeakers check possible to hear.
Can be used as:
- Certification
- Check
- Inspection
- Installation
- Maintenance
- Report
What does the ZM30 offers:
Time saving by its speed, easy to use and two measurements in one. Versatility: certification, inspection and search for changes.     Intended:
Background music system
- Fire protection
- Line speaker system
- Evacuation system
- Nursing paging system
- Campus
- Boats
- Defence
- Industry
- Aviation
- Mining Industry
- Offshore
- Petrochemicals
- Installer

For Certification, installation and maintenance of line speaker systems and loudspeaker cabinets is the ZM30 a reliable instrument to use due to its speed and immediate results for both complex impedance (Z) and the calculated Watts. A line speaker system can be certified by measuring the different terminals. During the yearly inspection, the system will be measured and compared with the previous recorded results. In case of differences during measurements, causes can be found by measuring the components individually. The calculated Watts is essential to check these components.
The measurement is performed with a continuous sine-wave signal in the audible range. This is a useful tool to search for the defective speakers. Where not only the measurement can divert but also absence of the sound. Besides this test, the ZM30 has a tone generator function with 1 kHz for continuous audio tests.
A 100/70 Volt line system consists out of a series of cables, transformers and speakers, this can only be measured with an impedance meter with a measuring range of 1 to 19 kOhm at a center frequency of 1kHz. Measurement of a coil as used in loudspeakers and transformers, is not possible with a multimeter, due to that DC is used to measures the resistance what results in R (Ohms). A coil has a complex Ohm value indicated as Z, this can be measured with an AC signal, such as used in the ZM30. Application:
Measurements must be performed in a passive system. It is NOT possible to measure active systems.
ZM30 Features:
lImpedance Measurement
lWatt calculation
lAuditory test
lAutomatic range
lBacklit display
lFast in operation
lEasy to use
lLow battery indication
ZM30 Package Contents:
1ZM30 Impedance & Watt meter
2AJJ1 Cable red black crocodile to banana
1User manual
ZM30 Accessories:
lAJI8 Charger for loading ZM30
lAJI9 12V Car adapter ZM30
lAJJ0 Certification calibration ZM30
Impedance range:1Ω - 19KΩ
Watt range:Maximum 10,000 Watt
Intended for: 100 and 70 Volt passive broadcasting systems, speakers and loudspeaker boxes
Function:Auto range
Menu:   One click auto test
 2 seconds hold tone generator
 One click off
Auto test display:Complex Impedance Ohms and calculated Wattage
Test duration: Auto test 3 seconds
 Auto switching 70 volts after 8 seconds
Tone Generator:  1 KHz
Duration test tone generator:6 minutes
Display:16 x 2
Backlight Accuracy: 10%
Auto power off: After testing 20 seconds
Power Supply Battery: 1 piece 9V IEC 6LR61 model ANSI / NEDA 1604A (not included)
Power Supply NiCad/NiMH:  1 piece 9V model:
 NiCad 6KR61 IEC ANSI / NEDA 11604 (not included)
 NiMH 6HR61 IEC ANSI / NEDA 7.2H5 (not included)
Battery charging circuit: Rechargeable by power adapter (optional)
 12V car adapter (optional)
Battery charging indication:On screen in % at full load 100%
Warning:Battery low
Controls:Single Push button for testing
Housing color:Black
Rubber color:Dark gray
Dimensions:            Length: 145 mm
 Width: 90 mm
 Height: 25 mm
Weight:215 grams
Approvals:CE, RoHS and WEEE